Solutions for Financial Wholesalers

The Strategic Advantage for Financial Wholesalers and Their Production

ESA Builds a Strategic Advantage

Strategic scheduling is critical for effective product distribution. ESA supports every phase of the financial wholesaler’s scheduling needs, surpassing the capabilities of traditional, independent contracting firms. Our services give you a strategic advantage, improving your overall activity, organization and productivity.

ESA Improves Seamless Productivity

A seamless network is essential for effective productivity as a wholesaler. ESA supports the intense networking dynamics of your role as a wholesaler, resulting in increased efficiency, focus, and ultimately, production.

We give you easy web access to information regarding your business calendar, including meeting types and meeting count. We assign you a personal scheduling associate to generate phone calls, send emails, and set meetings so you can meet with more people during each week. We give you and your internal detailed reports and call notes, including turndowns, dead leads and bad numbers, improving your contact data and increasing selling opportunities.

ESA Increases Wholesaler Activity

Increased activity is vital to outstanding sales production as a wholesaler. It’s a numbers game; more meetings, more sales. ESA is a powerful activity booster, increasing meeting activity up to 50 percent. Our services allow you as a wholesaler to stay mobile while we build your activity to a profitable level. We help you generate 4 to 5 meetings per day, while maintaining your calendar 2 to 3 weeks out. We work hard to give you less “windshield” time and more “face” time with your clients.

ESA Schedules Better Meetings

Strategic data management is crucial to generating the best meetings possible. ESA helps you create and refine a ranking system that is incorporated into the contact management system we build for you. Our services place priority on your top producers, your 80/20 lists and your focus groups, resulting in quality meetings and better sales.

ESA Assists You With Admin

Staying current with the follow-up work from a busy calendar can be difficult. ESA supports you as a wholesaler by performing these important yet time-consuming administrative tasks for you. We organize thank you notes to send to your clients along with marketing packages and mass mailers. We assist in preparing your travel and expense reports so your reimbursements are prompt and accurate. We enter your activities in your corporate network system. We even assist in coordinating your CE seminars and events with phone calls, mailers and follow-up.

ESA Gives the Leading Edge

ESA gives the financial wholesaler a clear leading edge compared to their counterparts and their competitors. Our services increase winning performance, a necessary talent of anyone looking to succeed in the financial industry. With ESA, you are assured that the nation’s leading scheduling firm is on your side.

What We Offer

  • Scheduling
  • Data Refinement
  • Real-Time Web Calendar
  • Outlook / Calendar Integration
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Expense Reports
  • Entering Activities
  • Marketing Packages
  • Thank You Notes & Mailers
  • CE Seminars

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