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Every business has its seasons – water parks don’t do much business in January and ski equipment retailers don’t see much traffic in the summer. Knowing the ebb and flow of your sales cycle is important for your longevity. Prepare for possible famine (or at least slow sales periods) by squirreling away some of your feast.

The beginning of fall marks an important time in Executive Scheduling Associates’ work – this is when we round up our wirehouse and large-branch contacts and start scheduling our wholesalers’ core branch meetings for the following year.

Timing is imperative. With dozens of wholesalers trying to book quarterly office breakfasts, lunches, walk-throughs and coffee carts, being at the top of the list could mean the difference between seeing your biggest producers regularly or not seeing them at all.

Knowing how quickly branches fill up, our schedulers are trained to reach out to the assistants and office administrators as soon as September hits to determine when they will be booking the following year’s events. If a branch isn’t booking dates until November, that’s okay…we’ll set a reminder to call them on November 1 to ensure that our wholesalers’ name is one of the very first they book.

We aim to get each branch’s events scheduled for the entire year, although some branches book them only quarterly or every six months. That’s okay…we’ll set a reminder for those too.

Scheduling a year’s worth of core group meetings creates a long-term road map for our clients’ rotations. Once we have you booked to be at ABC Firm for breakfast and XYZ Firm for lunch one day, we can set up one-on-one meetings and drop-ins for you. We’ll have you spend time with advisors at ABC after breakfast that morning, drive to nearby XYZ, host lunch there and spend the afternoon with them. Happy hour anyone?

ESA can also help you pull together the details for these events. We’ll coordinate payment if the office handles those details or we will set up the catering and delivery should those be your responsibility. All you have to do is show up.

This fall, allow ESA to book your biggest meetings and watch your 2019 calendar take off.

Tell us about your most memorable branch meeting in the comments below.

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