What a Wonderful World


Long-time client, Kevin, is feeling the pinch of quarantine just like the rest of the workforce. Not allowed to meet clients face-to-face, he’s had to come up with new, creative ways to keep them engaged and keep himself from going crazy, including dressing up as different characters each day and posting them on social media. From Bob Ross to Mr. Clean, Kevin has all but run out of clothing in his closet.

Kevin is passionate about his work, attributing his career choice in insurance to his dad’s battle with esophageal cancer. Despite having none of the predictive habits that generally accompany cancer, like smoking, Kevin’s father still died from the disease.

For the same reason, Kevin is also passionate about family and taking care of those who are closest to him.

In fact, when asked about how he works with his scheduler, Kevin said, “I truly have the best of the best scheduler, I think. Sherrie is amazing, I consider her like family. She’s a huge part of my success and that’s important to me.”

Four months into the crisis, Kevin continues to quarantine himself so that he is able to see his 75-year-old mom regularly. He says, “My mom’s my world, my family’s my world, my friends are my world.”

Louis Armstrong said it well when he said, “What a wonderful world.” Stay strong. We’re in it together.

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