Vacation Planning


The countdown to summer has begun and that means vacations. If you yourself are planning to take some time off in the coming months, set aside some time to plan ahead so that you don’t return to a messy, or even worse – empty, calendar.

Let’s say your summer plans are taking you to the beach mid-July. Beverage in one hand, book in the other…you can almost feel the sand between your toes. But don’t drift out to sea too quickly – there’s work to be done.

Get on the phone in June and start booking those appointments for the week you get back. There’s nothing worse than returning from your time off to see that you left yourself with too much to do upon your return. Don’t undo all that relaxation by creating more stress.

But even before you start calling, take a good hard look at your list. Call only those who are willing to meet or who are likely to drop a ticket. The time before a vacation is not the best time to hunt down the unicorn you’ve been trying to catch. Chances are, he’s on vacation anyway!

Finally, make sure your core meetings are booked. Some offices will schedule breakfasts, lunches and walk-throughs for the entire year while others will book by the half-year or even quarter. Make sure you’ve got those meetings in the books as soon as possible so that you can maximize your time by seeing multiple people in the same office at one time.

The ESA Advantage

Partnering with Executive Scheduling Associates means that your calendar always gets the attention it deserves. Your dedicated scheduler continues to work on your calendar while you are on vacation, meaning you will return to well-planned weeks and confirmed meetings. Now you can enjoy your vacation and know you’re coming back to a peaceful, orderly office.

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