Uncovering Pain Points


A while back, we discussed pain points – the problems a client has that you may be able to solve with your products and expertise.

But how do you actually find a client’s pain point? If you expect that a prospect is going to sit across the desk from you and say, “Well, I have this problem that I could really use a solution for…” then you’re in for a big surprise. Rarely is a client ready to speak so frankly when establishing a new relationship. That means it’s your job to ask the right questions and learn to infer what the client is saying.

Company or Industry Focus
Ask your prospect what the recurring themes are within his company or industry. What topics are always coming up in meetings, continuing education classes, compliance seminars? What are the recent trends? What are trends that have been resolved…and how were they resolved?

Bailing Clients
Finding out why a client has left your prospect’s business is a great way to reveal where the pain points lie. Does it have to do with an internal process? A personality problem? Service? Cost? Get to know the good, bad and ugly about your clients’ businesses to find out where they need help.

Daily Grind
Simply asking what a client’s day-to-day activity is like can reveal a lot. You may find that they spend a lot of their time solving a certain type of problem over and over again. Can your product or service help to lessen or eliminate that issue?

Talk to your prospect about her business growth. Did she reach her growth goals last year? Is she on track to make them this year? What is holding her back from growing more?

Getting to know your client beyond just the niceties can help you learn a lot about their pain points and about how you might be able to resolve them with your product.

Have you ever solved a client's pain point? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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