Traits of a Successful Salesperson


What makes a salesperson successful? Ultimately, their success is measured by one thing – results. But how did they achieve those results? What did they do along the way to achieve the level of success that they have? Sales is not for the weak of heart; it is not an easy game to play. However, if you possess some of the following traits, you may be on the road to reaching the top.

Empathy is key to becoming a successful salesperson. It is a way to show your prospective clients that you desire to understand the needs or concerns that they are facing. Building a relationship with them quickly is important so they feel they can trust you. Prospects don’t care about what you know until they feel that you care about their well-being.

Building on empathy, being honest is probably the most important trait for salespeople. Unfortunately, there is a stereotype that sale roles are dishonest, so demonstrating to your prospects that they can trust you is imperative. There’s a lot of power in admitting that you don’t have all the answers just to close a sale. A good salesperson knows that shady deals can lead to burned bridges and can cost them more than one prospect or client.

Communication is vital. Staying connected with your clients about up-to-date information can add a little more security for them. However, look for the balance between speaking and listening. Open-ended questions give clients the opportunity to share their challenges and goals – it’s not always about your product. Furthermore, regularly following up with your client helps you to remain at the forefront of their mind.

Coming up with different approaches in order to close a sale can really drive your sales. Creativity is valuable because a top salesperson can be told “no” but hears a “maybe.” Ultimately, interpreting your client’s needs and switching up the methods you use will help both you and your client.

Taking ownership of your actions, whether they are successes or failures, will strengthen your client relationships. The best salespeople hold themselves accountable for their work and they do it with dignity and respect. Deflecting your mistakes toward others will only lead to a bad reputation. If you make a mistake find a way to fix it and make it right. If you do something great, find out what you did to make it be great and pursue it.

It’s never too late to implement new strategies or brush up on tried-and-true methods. It won’t happen in a day but continuing to build and practice these habits will lead to lifelong sales success.

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