Tips from the Pros: Taming the Data Monster

If there's one never-changing absolute in sales, it's the ever-changing, not-at-all-absolute data. Clients move offices, change teams, or leave the business. New clients emerge, new teams are formed, or offices consolidate. There are new area codes and cell phone and Google lines and construction's a never-ending battle.

Stay on top of data changes is critical. You can't be an effective salesperson if you can't reach your clients.

Here are some tips on making sure your data is consistent and up-to-date.

1. Always verify addresses, suite numbers, etc - You may not have gotten the memo that your client had moved buildings or offices.

2. Make changes as you go - Don't just jot down the new team name on a piece of paper. Note it in your CRM and make the changes right then and there so you don't make a mistake the next time you call.

3. Ask questions - If you've heard that Mark moved to a new broker-dealer, call and ask who has taken over for him. You might just gain a new client.

Take the time to keep your data updated in the moment - your future self will thank you.

Don't have the time? Call ESA to learn about how we can help you tame your data monster.

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