Tips from the Pros: Scheduling Your Scheduling


Filling a calendar is a balancing act. Knowing when your clients will be available (don’t make travel plans to see distant clients when they’ll all be at a regional meeting!) and how your product is relative to their practice is only half of the battle.

Booking three-to-five meetings a day is simple in concept, but getting the timing right is where the tightrope act takes center stage.

Trying to schedule meetings six weeks in advance seems like a great idea, but soon you start hearing, “That’s way too far out. Call when the date gets a little closer.” Or even worse, you could book the meeting, only to have it bumped later for a better or more important offer.

So the next course of action is to try to fill up your calendar with less advance notice. You try calling prospects and clients for meetings the following week, only to be met with, “Oh, she is totally slammed next week. Call the next time you’re in the area.”

And there you are…stuck in the middle of the intersection of Too Far Out Street and Not Enough Notice Boulevard.

In the nearly 12 years that Executive Scheduling Associates has been working to fill our clients’ schedules, we’ve learned the art of the scheduling balancing act, hitting the timing sweet spot where we are most likely to get the meeting.

Our goal is to schedule your meetings two-to-three weeks in advance. By doing so, we virtually eliminate the two extreme answer possibilities and use the timing to our advantage. Using the lists you provide of your best prospects and clients, we book your core meetings first and fill in with your secondary appointments, closing out your weeks far enough in advance that you can be sure that you are busy all day, every day.

Do you have any tried-and-true methods of scheduling? Share them with us below.

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