Tips from the Pros: Formula for Scheduling Success


Results are easily the most important part of your scheduling protocol. Whether you are scheduling meetings for yourself, having your internal make calls on your behalf, or have a hired scheduler to concentrate solely on filling your calendar, the focus should always be on results.

Ask yourself the following questions and use them as guidelines for measuring results:

  1. Is your territory concentrated in a few areas or spread out geographically?
  2. Are conference calls and video conferences as effective as face-to-face meetings?
  3. How many people do you need to meet with per week to hit your goals?

Your business is unique and asking questions likes these will help to create a road map that will lead you to your goals and beyond.

Once you have your scheduling plans in place, turn your focus toward the metrics of your daily scheduling activities.

For more than a decade, ESA has honed the art of results-based scheduling. Through years of dedicated service, we have determined the best ways of reaching people your clients and getting them on your calendar.

Our schedulers are trained to always make the phone call first. An email is a great tool and we use it to our advantage when it’s appropriate…but nothing can ever replace the personal touch.

Using our standardized noting system, we know in advance who we should ask for when your client answers the phone. We know if the advisor schedules her own meetings or if her assistant is the one to talk to.

We also keep notes on your clients’ scheduling preferences. We won’t waste time trying to book a client for a Monday meeting when he will only meet on a Wednesday.

In the event that we must leave a message, we immediately follow it up with an email. We make the email short and to the point, pointing out to the advisor that we have left a message but, in case email is a better method of communication for them, we would like to give them the opportunity to meet with you when you’re in town next.

The phone-call-followed-by-email method has lead to excellent results for our clients. The personal touch combined with the convenience of email brings the best of both worlds to our response rate, creating fuller calendars.

ESA may even be able to send emails from your company’s domain so that messages from your ESA scheduler are consistent with your team’s personalized signatures and messages. Contact us to find out if this service is available to you.

Regardless of how you fill your calendar, remember that combining the tried-and-truth methods of personal communication with the speed and efficiency of email will result in consistent meetings with your top clients and prospects.

Have a great scheduling method? Share with us below.

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