Tips from the Pros: Catering to Your Needs


Being a salesperson comes with a unique set of challenges and the bigger your territory, the bigger those challenges. Making sure to impart your specific needs to whomever is booking your calendar is of paramount importance. Consider some of the following:

Which areas of your territory demand your attention? Which ones can be visited less often?

There’s no doubt you can pinpoint your most productive city or zone. You can probably also easily name the area that generates the least amount of revenue for you.

Make sure that your rotation is planned far enough in advance that you can be certain you hit your highest-producing areas regularly while visiting the lesser-producing cities during slower times of the year. Or consider making those cities as phone meetings only, booking travel only when it is merited.

Which days of the week do you need to be in your hometown?

We highlighted wholesaler Tim’s scheduling challenges in our July 12, 2018 blog post. Tim knew that he couldn’t grow his business while juggling both scheduling and selling. He also placed significant importance on being at home on certain days of the week to support his daughter’s athletic events.

Build your schedule to work for you. Be home for the important times and keep those dates firm. Keeping a healthy home life will only produce better results in your work life.

Who is likely to drop a ticket? Who isn’t worth your time?

It’s always good to see as many advisors as possible when you are starting out in an unfamiliar territory -- introduce yourself and drop off the latest product information. Soon it will be clear who loves what you’re selling and who will likely never buy from you.

Make note of those clients and don’t waste your time. Invest in those who will invest in you.

The ESA Advantage

Executive Scheduling Associates has spent more than a decade building scheduling programs around our clients’ needs. No two products, wholesalers or territories are alike and therefore no two programs are alike. We work with our clients to determine and schedule the best areas of their territories, putting our calling focus there. We help strategize how best to service areas that are lower producers and advise on scheduling methods that allow you to reach your most important clients regularly.

Our schedulers stay true to your calendar, keeping your office days sacred and making sure that you are home for all your important events.

Finally, ESA assists clients in determining just who to see and who to skip. We update your lists as often as you need, assuring that you’re always on top of your sales game.

Tell us about your best (or worst!) scheduled day in the comments below.

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