The Numbers Game


As long as the sales profession has been around, so has the saying, “It’s a numbers game.” No matter how annoying it may be after hearing it a thousand times, you can’t argue with the logic: the more calls you make, the more meetings you’ll hold and the better your sales will be.

Let’s look at some metrics. For ease of presentation, we’ll use round numbers and keep them pretty small. We understand that your goals and metrics are nowhere near what we are presenting – we just want to show you how they break down.

Let’s say that your 2019 new business sales goal is $175,000 and that your average ticket is $1,000.  You need to make 175 average sales to meet you goal. That means about $3,500 in sales per week.

According to Marketing and Sales Consultant, Charlie Cook, cold calls usually get about a 2 percent sales return, while prospects and referrals can get up to 20 and 50 percent returns respectively.

If your list of 1,000 non-client contacts is 30% cold calls, 60% prospects and 10% referrals and you want to reach out to each of them once per quarter, you should be making 83 calls per week.

Are you making more than 80 calls a week? More than 50? More than 25? If you answered no to any of those, let’s talk.

The ESA Advantage

Executive Scheduling Associates schedulers are highly skilled in the art of making calls. While being pleasant and conversational, our employees are also mindful of efficiency and metrics.

Averaging about an hour of scheduling a day and using your instructions on who to call and how frequently, our schedulers get between 15 and 20 phone calls made every hour. Five days of scheduling means 75-100 calls are being made on your behalf every week.

Can you beat that? After all, it’s a numbers game.

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