The Inconsistency Trap


A major culprit in diminished sales is inconsistency. If you aren’t on the phone every single day, setting appointments, following up on previous meetings, checking in on account statuses, then you are at risk of watching your sales numbers rapidly decline.

In sales there is no way to make up for lost time. You can’t reward yourself by sitting back and resting for a day or so after a winning a big ticket or rest on your laurels while you wait for a sale to come through.

Follow these best practices to help keep yourself on top of, or even ahead of, your goals.

Daily efforts
Like we said earlier, daily calls and check-ins are crucial to your success. Set aside at least an hour a day to make your phone calls and send your emails. Follow-up with prospects and recent meetings so that your name doesn’t fall off the radar. Consider creating a drip email campaign or using email templates to save time and simplify recurring tasks. Know how to leave an effective voice message and how data refinement can help you hone in on your best leads.

Stick to your sales process
You’ve likely been coached repeatedly on your company’s tried-and-true sales processes. Alongside that, you’ve probably also developed your own best practices, utilizing what you’ve learned works for you and your clients.

Don’t stray from the formula. Between your company’s research and your own gut instinct, you’ve got a pretty good shot at being successful. Skipping or modifying steps could have disastrous consequences. Create a cadence for each of your types of contact -- cold calls, warm calls, follow-ups, pending sales – and stick to it. If you know it works to send an email on the 4th day after a first meeting, then make sure you send that email no matter what. Don’t deviate from what you know works.

Celebrate the victories, but don’t slow down
Those big tickets are cause for celebration. Heck, even the small ones are, because they add up. Allow yourself a pat on the back for a job well done – schedule a massage on your next day off or try out that new golf course you’ve been wanting to play.

But be careful not to fall into the trap of saying, “Oh, I just made a big sale. I’ll take care of such-and-such tomorrow.” Resting on your laurels is a slippery slope so be sure you schedule your down time in such a way that it will not interrupt your sales process.

Don’t be afraid of “No”
Being declined over and over again is the toughest part of sales…but it’s also the cold reality. You know you’ve got to make so many calls to book so many meetings to lead to a sale. In order to get to that sale, you’re going to have to hear a lot of “Nos.” Facing negative responses and learning from them can help you sharpen your sales skills and possibly lead to more “Yeses.” 

The ESA Advantage
Executive Scheduling Associates gives you the gift of time. Allowing us to handle your day-to-day scheduling and follow ups gives you more time to focus on the relationships you keep with your clients. Let us take these tasks off your plate so you can make the sales and celebrate the victories.

Tell us about your favorite follow-up technique in the comments below.

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