Staying On Top of Data Changes


Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone just stayed put? How easy would your day be if offices never moved, advisors never switched firms, and teams didn’t change?

In a sales environment, people are always on the move. Whether they leave because they sought out a better territory, better pay structure, better support or because another company hired them away for any number of reasons, people in a sales-based business are notorious for not sitting still.

This kind of fluctuation can wreak havoc on your data. It doesn’t take long to fall behind on updating your client information and before you know it, you’re spending more time tracking down phone numbers, addresses, and names than you are actually calling people.

Following a few simple steps can help you stay on top of what could easily become a gargantuan task if left unchecked.

Refine as You Go

When a data change hits your desk, make a note of it immediately. Leaving it on a stickie note on your monitor probably won’t end well. Change the address, update the team names, create a new contact if you need to. Doing it in the moment will save you exponentially in the future.

Note, Note, Note

Making data changes in the moment is good, but without notes to back up what you’ve done, you may end up more confused than ever. When you update your data, put a note in that client’s file that says, “Per So-and-so, updated address to 1234 Main St #200.”

Major Updates

Sometimes major database updates catch you off guard - entire branches close or you are asked to cover a whole new channel. This is when you call in the big dogs and get your data department involved. Depending on how your company organizes its information, you may want to speak with your department about adding ranks or zones to the new information. Work with them to ensure that the new data integrates as seamlessly as possible so that you can use it as soon as it’s complete.

Data changes don’t have to mean a big headache. Sticking with some simple, basic steps can keep your calls flowing with no interruption.

The ESA Advantage

Executive Scheduling Associates understands that, despite data changes, appointments still need to be booked. That’s why all of our schedulers are trained to refine data as they go. They make a note of the change and update the information right then and there. That way, they next time they come upon that contact, they can glance at their last task and know that the call they are making will be accurate and efficient.

ESA also has a data department that is available to help with major database updates. Whether we’re helping you update your rankings or adding in new contacts, we will work with you to make sure the information that is important to you is kept streamlined and compatible with existing data. With this service, you never have a lapse in dial sessions and your account is always moving forward.

What are your best tips and tricks for updating data? Tell us in the comments below.

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