Specialized Training


One of the key elements to Executive Scheduling Associates’ success as a company is from our training process.

Every new hire goes through a rigorous 90-day training schedule in which they learn the hows and whys of the ESA scheduling system.

Our training starts first with three days of custom-built online modules that introduce new employees to ESA’s culture and to the basics of our every day work: wholesaling channels, internal communication tools, and daily reporting, moving onto using our servers, and understanding and navigating our custom databases.

After passing quizzes on each module and being given a blessing from our corporate trainer, new hires are given support scheduling work. In this, they help in established accounts, taking direction from the main scheduler on the account (referred to as a lead scheduler) and being monitored daily by their team leader. Support scheduling serves as a great training tool for our schedulers to get real experience with existing accounts, while maintaining ESA’s high standards for service.

After 45 days of support scheduling, new employees go through a second round of online modules that review and extend their first round of training and quiz them on what they’ve learned from their days support scheduling.

Once completed, new hires are ready to become the lead schedulers on their own accounts! They will have another 45-day period in which they are closely monitored in getting these accounts off the ground, meeting with their team leaders regularly to ensure the highest quality of customer care.

Even after successfully completing 90 days of training, schedulers are never left on their own. They are backed by a team leader, data specialists and IT professionals. Monthly team meetings and check-ins with their leaders give our schedulers a well-paved path to success.

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