Simple Business Practices


Being in sales is a lot like owning your own business. While your company backs you with training, support and benefits, in the end, you’re responsible for the amount of revenue you bring in. You can make as much money as you want…but if you don’t bring in the sales, you may find yourself out of a job.

Running a book of business is no easy task. Like anything else, the devil is in the details. Keeping organized, staying on top of your to-dos, and delegating work can make all the difference. But don’t forget how much small, sometimes-overlooked practices can add up to big results.

Here are some friendly reminders on the best practices of running a small business.

Be Proactive

Don’t wait for a problem to hit your desk. By then, it may be too late. Check in on clients regularly and give them the opportunity to tell you what’s on their mind. Usually, it’s nothing at all; they’re perfectly happy with the product or service. But in the event that something hasn’t gone their way, a phone call from you gives you a lot more equity than having to hear from them first.

Be Responsive

Dozens of phone calls and emails each day can slow your work down like no other. While it’s tempting to say, “I’ll check those messages later,” stop and think about that philosophy. When was the last time someone took a long time getting back to you? Were you mad? Did you feel less-than-important?

Taking small chunks of time each day to answer emails and return phone calls helps you to stay on task and keeps your clients happy. Whether it’s the first ten minutes of every hour or a certain number of times a day, make sure you’re checking your messages and responding to them as quickly as possible.

Be On Time

It seems so simple…silly even. Of course you should be on time. Your mother taught you that when you were just a child.

Stop for a moment and really think about what not being on time means. When you aren’t respectful of others’ time, you are telling them that their time isn’t as important as yours. That you don’t respect their busy day or the work they are doing. You are telling them you are more important than they are.

Late happens – everyone gets caught in unexpected traffic or gets tied up in a conversation with a chatty person. Extend a little extra courtesy by calling or emailing your upcoming meeting and let them know that you’re running behind. Offer to reschedule if it is going to really disrupt their day or let them know that you’ll shorten your presentation to make sure you stay in your allotted time.

Following these small courtesies show your clients that you can be trusted and that you value their time and business. The simple things speak the loudest.

The ESA Advantage

When you partner with Executive Scheduling Associates, you add another layer of customer service to your business. Your scheduler can make your follow-up calls, return phone calls and emails for you and even let your upcoming appointments know that you’re running behind. Allow us to help you fine-tune your business to be the efficient, well-run machine that serves your clients in every capacity.

Share your best business practices with us in the comments below. 

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