Shorter Meetings, Better Results


In our last blog post, we talked about how meetings are getting better and more productive. The Coronavirus lockdown has allowed us to put more value on our time and has thus created a more efficient workday.

Now comes the hard part: how to keep that going. Eventually, we will ease back into our normal days of working in an office, meeting with clients face-to-face and while that will mean a lot of great things for business, it’s important to remember what we have learned through all of this.

We recently heard from one of our clients who said, “If I can’t provide enough value in 15 minutes that you want to continue the conversation, shame on me.”

This past month has taught us that meetings don’t have to be long, drawn-out events. Provided you stick to the plan and don’t go off on unrelated tangents, most meetings don’t need to be more than 15 minutes long.

TED Talks’ Ideas web site nicknamed these short, highly focused meetings “huddles.” Much like a sports huddle, these types of meetings are brief, to the point, and full of good information. If more context or collaboration is needed, individuals can set time aside later to go over whatever else is needed. That may look like a follow-up phone call or a lunch out at a later date. Or even another 15-minute meeting.

These shorter meetings are well-suited for established relationships. Fifteen minutes may not give you enough time to ask questions and get to know the needs of a new prospect. But even those introductory meetings don’t need to go on for a full hour. Come prepared with a list of questions and bulleted points about your product. Build in time for questions from the other side of the desk and have standard answers at the ready.

Sooner rather than later, we will be back in our offices, business as usual. But the lessons learned during this global crisis can help propel us forward into a better, more efficient business model that can only benefit us all.

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