Sales Cadences


It can seem that sales is hit or miss and there’s no doubt that some days and weeks are better than others. Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

Recently, we have discussed the importance of consistency in your day-to-day routine. It’s equally as important, though, to have consistency in your sales efforts.

We don’t just mean making phone calls when you don’t feel like it; being consistent in how and when you contact clients and prospects can have a significant impact on your closure rate.

Executive Scheduling Associates has created a contact cadence that has given both our own sales people and our clients a better rate of return on their sales efforts.

ESA’s Director of Sales, Dana Smith, talks about this sales cadence and how it’s worked in various capacities.

“Using a strategic timeline of specific steps and wording has proven to give us an edge on responses from likely clients. We have a variety of clientele and this method produces excellent returned replies from all different types of prospects.”

This multi-day cycle of various types of touches and messages allows for very intentional communication that is both appreciated and easily responded.

“We’ve taken the time to hone our skills into a unique formula that brings consistent and accurate results when scheduling appointments.”

Executive Scheduling Associates has more than a decade of experience in producing results. From tried-and-true scripts to contact cadences and territory management, we are a turn-key solution for your scheduling and administrative needs.

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