Results-based Scheduling


When you think of hiring a service, what do you see? Probably something like an exchange of money for a certain outcome. You might hire an Uber with the outcome of getting to the airport. Or maybe you hire a housekeeper with the outcome of having a home with clean floors, counters, bathrooms, etc. Your company may rent a copy machine with the outcome of keeping up the office’s copying needs while contracting with the same copier business to service and upkeep the machine.

But when was the last time you looked at your various service contracts and asked, “Am I paying for a service or for an outcome?”

Let’s go take a further look at the housekeeping service.

Your house is a mess – between a full-time job, kids, the family pets and everything that goes on outside a 9-5 (but more like 8-6) job, you just can’t keep up with the demand. Yesterday’s dishes are still in the sink, the bed linens need changing and your 15-year-old son’s bathroom? Well, you’re thinking it might be easier to have that room declared a bio-hazard and sealed off and to just build another bathroom.

You have a need, and, thanks to capitalism, there is a service for that. You call up your local housekeeping experts and wave your white flag. You tell them you need help getting your house back into working order and you’re willing to pay a professional to do it.

Monday rolls around and, as you’re leaving your house, your new crew shows up. You show them the problem spots, point out the supplies and leave them to do their work.

You spend all day excited about coming home to a clean house – one free of pet fur and sticky counters and dusty shelves.

You walk in the door, and, at first glance, you’re pleasantly surprised. The carpets are vacuumed, the dishes are put away, the counters are crumb-free.

But as you walk through your house, you begin to notice things…there are still little drifts of dog fur in the corners of the tiled rooms, the beds are made, but the sheets haven’t been changed, the counters are clear of crumbs, but they are still sticky and spotted.

So what went wrong?

Hiring a service does not always mean that you’re hiring outcomes. In this scenario, you hired a housekeeping service, expecting to get the outcome of a clean house. In reality, though, you got someone who tidied up your home and made it presentable to the naked eye – you got the service, but the outcome was missed by a mile. Lack of communication and clearly defined expectations lead to an unsatisfied customer and a lost business opportunity.

Results-based Scheduling

Executive Scheduling Associates focuses on results-based scheduling – our job is not to make phone calls calls for you; our job is to book meetings for you.

After 12 years in business, we’ve got a solid grasp of what works and what doesn’t work. We know that, as the market changes, so does the popularity of your products. We know that calling an independent office in Atlanta is a lot different from calling a wire house in New York City.   We know that the longer you’ve been in your territory, the more likely we will be to book meetings.

Armed with this knowledge, ESA has created a calculator that, using information supplied by you regarding your territory, products, history, and expectations, gives us an accurate prediction of what kind of service package you will need to reach your goals. History speaks for itself and when expectations are clearly mapped out, targets are hit.

Anyone can make phone calls for you – dial, make your meeting request, hang up. Repeat. When you partner with ESA, though, you are getting exactly what you expect: meetings with quality contacts who are most likely to do business with you.

Tell us about a time when you hired a service that did not meet your expectations.

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