Prioritizing Your Call Lists


Consistent and reliable sales depend on a lot of things, not the least important of which is call prioritization.

When you’re staring at a list of 2,000 names, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and say, “Forget it! I’ll just start with the As.” And while that will certainly get you talking to people, your calendar is not going to fill up. In fact, you may very well be right where you started despite spending hours on the phone, calling through your list.

Knowing who you’re calling and why you're calling them is essential to successful scheduling and sales. Consider these tips when you’re planning your dial sessions.

Past Meetings?
Has this prospect met with you before? If so, how did it turn out? Read your notes carefully – did he ask questions about products or did he ask for tickets to a sporting event? Did he say that he has potential cases that could use your products, or did he say he never buys products like yours? Proceed accordingly.

Corporate Focus
If your company has recently released a product that is specially geared toward a certain corporation, make sure that you’re getting that product information out to them. Product exclusivity is a huge factor in sales success and spending your time reaching out to those who can use your product will never be a waste of time.

Just because a prospect works for a certain company, though, does not mean they are qualified. Go over your Market Metrics and other sources of research and find out the prospect’s propensity for buying a product like yours.

Existing Clients
While new business is the lifeline of a successful sales career, don’t forget to hunt in your own back yard. Happy clients do repeat business. Don’t ignore those who have bought from you in the past – cultivate the relationship with good customer service and regular contact to explore other ways you can help them out.

The ESA Advantage
Executive Scheduling Associates helps you to organize and prioritize your contacts. With the information you provide, we identify your prospects as priorities with standardized, dated and searchable tags so that all we have to do is enter, “Call List Month-Year” and see exactly who you want us to talk to. We also tag focus firms and keep a running tab on who you have met with in the past.

The more information you give us, the more efficient and effective we will be. Share your metrics with us and let us fill your calendar!

How do you prioritize your call sessions? Tell us more in the comments section below.

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