Pilot Program


There is an almost endless supply of services available to small businesses and sales people. A cursory search of LinkedIn turns up anything from advertising analysis to zip code demographics…and everything in between.

The vast majority of these services are legitimately useful; they can help you to refine your business with all sorts of metrics and methodologies. You can hire someone to mine warm leads for you, another person to refine your marketing materials, and someone else to coach you on your pitch. There are usually statistics and case studies to back up their success stories and it all looks so good on paper. But the proof is in the pudding and, until you put something to the test, there are no guarantees that it’s going to work for you.

Work with companies that are willing to offer a pilot program. See if you can run a trial period to see if the services offered are a good fit for you.

The ESA Advantage

Executive Scheduling Associates offers pilot programs to any company that is looking for a scheduling solution. Before you dive in and hire a scheduler for each of your wholesalers, take us for a test run and see if our business models are a mutually beneficial match.

In November of 2018 a major firm offering mutual funds, 401(k), life, and medical insurance inquired about ESA’s scheduling services for their approximately 40 wholesalers.  They were impressed with our credentials and past successes, but understandably questioned whether or not our services would work well for them.

ESA worked with the company to create a pilot program for two wholesalers in their 401(k) division. Those two wholesalers started with an ESA scheduler in December and two weeks in were already singing our praises. One of them even lauded his scheduler’s ability to get him into an office he had never been able to break into in the past.

By the beginning of the year, that same wholesaler informed ESA that he will be recommending our services to everyone at their annual conference in late January.

We like to think our scheduling solutions will work for anyone and we are willing to prove ourselves. Contact us today about starting a pilot program for your company.

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