Personal Authenticity


We talk a lot about how the sales profession continues to move from a “What’s in it for me?” business toward a more client-focused “What can I do for you?” model. Whether it’s building authentic relationships, mastering active listening or learning to ask the right questions, success in your sales career hinges on how you treat your client and by putting his or her needs above your own.

Now that the sales profession has shed the old used-car-salesman-in-an-ill-fitting-sportscoat image, a salesperson’s reputation may be the only thing separating him from his competition. Creating personal authenticity is imperative for succeeding in a relationship-based sales career.

Love Who You Are         
In order to be your real, authentic self, you have to be okay with who you are. Embrace your quirks and be proud of what sets you apart. Work on the things you dislike about yourself that you can change but recognize your unique qualities and make them into your defining features. Others will notice when you have the confidence to appreciate who you are.

Be Bold
Being bold doesn’t mean being controversial or “in your face.” Being bold means that you have principals that you stand on and won’t back down from -- you deliver on your promises, you are always on time, you speak honestly. Make these promises to yourself and to those you work with and be bold with your follow-through.

Evaluate Yourself
Just as important as asking yourself, “What does work?” is asking yourself, “What doesn’t work?” What keeps you from being authentic? Examine your thoughts and habits regularly and get rid of those that don’t align with your personal values.

Always Improve
Personal authenticity doesn’t have a finish line. Instead, it’s something that should evolve as you do. Trends change, markets change, attitudes change…and therefore, you too, must be willing to change. Do not give up on your personal integrity; stay strong in your beliefs and be bold in living them. But take the time to notice what is going on around you and bend your thoughts and habits to keep up with the trends around you.

Personal authenticity is being your best self while being true to your own values. When you are authentic, people are drawn to you. And when people are drawn to you, success is sure to follow.

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