Peaceful Sunday Afternoon

It's a Sunday afternoon. The weekend is winding down and you're gearing up for the week ahead. You'll be traveling to the most under-developed part of your territory -- there's enormous potential there, but you just can't seem to get off the ground.

You glance at your calendar and sigh. Three days, two nights...and five meetings.

You think back to the time you devoted to this rotation. You know you called that one advisor who dropped a couple of tickets. But what did he tell you? Oh call back. Which you never got around to doing. And what about that other advisor who said she would help you put together a small group lunch to introduce you to some of her team members? Did you remind your internal to call her? Nope...that slipped your mind. Again.

The sales cycle can be a frustrating one. When you're working your pipeline, your sales calls will take a hit and eventually, so does your calendar. When you're working to fill your calendar, your number of sales calls declines.

Keeping your calendar full two-to-three weeks in advance is a delicate balancing act that often requires outside help. Have you ever thought, "What would happen if I empowered my team to keep track of all my biggest clients and top prospects?"

What would life be like if you could say to that team, "I'll be in this place on these dates," and they would know exactly who to call and have systems in place to be reminded to follow up? What would life be like if your calendar did consistently have three to five meetings every day?

In a word: peaceful.

Peaceful because you won't have to make excuses when you have your weekly call with your boss. Peaceful because you know that you're reaching the right people in every part of your territory. Peaceful because you have a stable job and steady income.

Relax and release some control. Allow your internal and your scheduler to take the reigns so you can focus on selling. Share with them your focus offices and targeted clients. Plan your travel far enough in advance that you can be busy from the moment you arrive until the time you leave. Communicate often and keep them aware of major changes.

Letting go isn't easy, but it just may bring the peace you're seeking.

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