New Year's Resolutions for Salespeople


The sales industry is constantly evolving, and the most successful salespeople are those who change with it.  There may be new techniques to be learned or old ones that simply need adjusting. Now that we have entered a new decade, take a step back, and evaluate the sales methods and techniques you are using.

Improve Time Management
Working in sales can become quite overwhelming – from prospecting and cold-calling to client meetings. But there are some time-saving techniques to help you get through the chaos. First, limit checking your email. More likely than not, you probably always have your phone at hand, which causes you to scroll through emails multiple times a day. Try limiting yourself to checking them a couple times a day, so that your stay focused on the task at hand. Second, make sure you stick to one task at a time.  Contrary to popular belief, multitasking is inefficient. The brain functions better when you do one thing at time. So, the next time you’re sending an email to one client, try not to think about that follow-up call with another client. Lastly, schedule out your day. This will help you prioritize and time tasks and activities, and not stretch yourself too think, but still allow you to complete your to-do list.

Distill Your Activity Goals
A productive year and successful sales cycle are best achieved by setting activity and task goals. However, be sure to sit down with your numbers to filter through those goals to determine which ones are essential in moving the needle and whether you can simplify or combine any of them. This process will help shorten your sales cycle and improve your sales process.

Understand the Why
In order to become more productive in the new year, you must adapt the mindset of why you made the sale or why you did not. You can study your metrics, record your calls or ask colleagues for guidance, but the best way to understand the why is to simply ask the customer. Often, the customer is willing to provide feedback behind their decision to purchase or not purchase from you because they have invested just as much time buying as you did selling.

Know Your Customers Better
Make it a point this year to build relationships with your clients. Many personal new year’s resolutions involve strengthening relationships, whether it be with your children, spouse or friends. Work on converting prospects into clients by getting to know them through simple conversations. As the conversations grow, you will get to know their emotions and what motivates them. By asking the right questions, you can determine what is important to them, what they desire, and how they define success. As you get to know them, the relationship grows stronger and the trust is established. You will gain a better understanding of the prospect’s needs and therefore be able to better cater to their individual situation. This will also allow you to see what worked and what didn’t work as you move on to your next prospect/client.

Embrace New Technology
With technology constantly evolving, you may need to adapt new methods to “meet” with your prospects. You may prefer the face-to-face meeting, but your prospects and clients may prefer new-age media, tools, and applications such as screen sharing, online modules, and creating, sharing, and signing digital documents. Everything is becoming about convenience, so make it your resolution to adapt your client’s technological preference in the coming year.

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