Leadership with Integrity

ESA dedicates itself to client success through our leadership team.

Every ESA scheduler is assigned to a team headed by a Team Leader. Through monthly team calls, schedulers are kept abreast of the newest information, best practices, and compliance updates. Team Leaders provide ongoing training in an environment where schedulers can get to know one another and learn from others' experiences.

Team Leaders also provide powerful feedback and consistent direction on each and every account. Using a standardized checklist, our schedulers' Team Leaders monitor client accounts daily, nothing both areas for improvement and cases for celebration. These notes are shared with the scheduler to create a plan to either improve or continue her success.

Our Team Leaders are all schedulers, too. They've been with ESA for multiple years and have gone through our Emerging Leaders Training program before getting their own team. They participate in ongoing leadership and compliance training and are committed to ESA's value of client retention through excellent service.

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