Leadership: The Teamwork Apex


A few weeks ago, we posted an important article on what a good, strong team looks like. It’s not earth-shattering information, but it is an excellent reminder of the basics that must be in place to build a strong foundation.

But what about leadership? A team is only as good as its leader and that person must be willing to stand strong with the company’s policies while also empowering his or her team members to make their own decisions in the moment.

Psychologist and personality assessment expert Raymond Cattell determined eight personality traits that are typically inherent to strong leaders.

Emotional stability: can tolerate stresses of the workplace

Dominance: are assertive and decisive

Enthusiasm: are quick, active and energetic

Conscientiousness: are hold high standards and send of duty

Boldness: are spontaneous and responsive

Tough-mindedness: are logical and resist sentimentality

Self-assurance: are confident in themselves and their decision-making capabilities

Compulsiveness: can make decisions in a controlled way and value integrity

When these traits come together in the workplace, they create a personality that is conducive to excellent communication, well-thought-out decision making, and adherence to company culture.

Good leaders must shy away from micro-managing. Standing behind an employee, scrutinizing his every move will only lead to dissatisfied team members and sub-par work. Having a leader who is confident in the training she has provided will create empowered employees who know they are given the blessing of being able to carry out the company’s mission without interference.

Every ESA scheduler is backed by not only a team of experts, but by a team leader. Our team leaders are brought up through our leadership training program and are given more responsibilities over time, not gaining the next until they have mastered the first. This ensures that all of ESA’s principles and oversight protocols are taught and followed in a standardized environment, resulting in more unified teams and better client results.

Teams meet as a group monthly to discuss trends and ideas while team leaders also hold individual meetings with each of their employees at least once a month to go over their accounts and make suggestions for continued success.

Teams are essential to ESA, as they provide a place for thoughtful conversation, creating an environment of trust where client satisfaction is always the desired outcome.

Tell us about the best leader you’ve ever had in the comments below.