Increasing Sales in 2020


The 2020 year is going to be a peak year as the market continues to quickly evolve. This means businesses need to work on being accurate with their market research and data gathering. Even more specifically, they need to be accurate on how to analyze the data. The follow strategies will help you increase your sales this year and soar past your competitors in a highly saturated field.

Customers have become more economical. They are not buying products - they are buying solutions.

Clearly Identify the Problem
You need to identify the problems your potential customers are having. If you show your customer that you have a solution to their problem, they are more likely to purchase that solution. Focus on how you will market your product or service to your clients and how to show them that purchasing your product will help their quality of life.

Develop a Competitive Advantage
Customer loyalty is becoming harder to maintain. Therefore, constant communication with your loyal customers is a key factor to maintaining a competitive advantage. You’ll want to communicate offers that contain benefits that you know they need, as well as others they may want.

Make sure to also research what your competitors are developing and offering. Keeping up to date with the most competitive product strategies will help you to continue your success. By doing so, you are more likely to keep your current clients, while also attracting your competitors' clients to your products.

Use Social Media Marketing to Your Advantage
Social media has become the best tool to advertise your product and service. A few advantages that social media brings to marketing is are more channels to sell your product, cost-effective ways to advertise and attract and retain new customers. Many businesses choose to pay for advertising online but if your product is offering a true solution and your customer is satisfied, it will promote itself through shares on social platforms and word of mouth. Using social media helps increase your relationship with your client as you have just opened up another channel of communication with them.

Focus on Customer Retention
The most important key factor to customer retention is always communication. Make sure to show your client that you not only sold them a solution to their problem, but you’ve offered them a relationship as well.  A strong client relationship will encourage customer loyalty and will discourage their tendency to jump to a lower-priced product.

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