In It Together


Suddenly working from home has probably become a huge shock to a lot of people. Add in kids who are no longer going to a traditional school building and you have a recipe for, well…anything.

While Executive Scheduling Associates’ employees have always worked from home, we recognize that this is not the case for most, if not all, of our clients. And we want you to know that we feel your pain. We get it.

Last week, our Director of Sales, Dana Smith, was speaking with one of our new clients. Working from home, he was trying to balance getting his work done and entertaining his young daughter.

The two worlds collided when Sarah pranced into her dad’s office, loudly singing a favorite song from Frozen II. The client was mortified, trying to shush his budding star while maintaining a conversation with Dana.

Dana reminded him, “We’re all working through a new normal. Please don’t worry about it. In fact, she made me smile.”

It’s important to remember that we’re all in it together.

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