How One Wholesaler's Success at Work Led to Success at Home

Scheduling isn't just setting appointments or mapping out territories. When a wholesaler gives his client list to a scheduler, he's putting his livelihood in her hands. The number of meetings he holds each month is a direct indicator of his success and determines his level of income. That income, in turn, gets put into his 401(k), his IRA, his kids' college funds. Scheduling is a wholesaler's future.

Wholesaler Tim started selling long-term care in October of 2013. Covering the Pacific Northwest, Montana, and Wyoming, he had inherited the territory from a former wholesaler who grew it to a humble, but respectable, four million annually.

But as the dad of three middle school- and high school-age kids, Tim knew he could do better to give his family an even stronger financial foundation.

For two years, Tim did his own scheduling and grew his territory little by little. But as his professional schedule became busier, so did his family's. Monday nights held athletic events he didn't want to miss and family vacations were becoming more and more important as the college years closed in. He wanted to be available for his family, but juggling both scheduling and selling were becoming overwhelming and he was afraid he was going to drop the ball.

Tim partnered with Executive Scheduling Associates in August of 2015. He told his scheduler not to book any meetings past 3p on Mondays so he could attend his daughter's volleyball games. Tim was also able to start booking several vacations far enough in advance that his team was able to keep his calendar full without sacrificing his family time.

By the end of 2017, the territory that started out producing four million a year was producing more than 28 million annually. Tim broke records within his company and continues marching toward that same success in 2018.

Tim's kids are now in high school and college, with bright futures ahead of them. College is paid for and an adventure-filled retirement is on the horizon. His dedication to his territory, combined with a team that saw success as more than dates on a calendar, Tim was able to recapture his most precious commodity: time.

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