ESA: Peace of Mind

It's a Sunday afternoon.  The weekend is winding down and you're gearing up for the week ahead.  You'll be traveling to the most under-developed part of your territory -- there's enormous potential there, but you just can't seem to get off the ground.

You glance at your calendar and sigh.  Three days, two nights...and five meetings.

You think back to the time you devoted to this rotation.  You know you called that one advisor who has dropped a couple of tickets.  But what did he tell you?  Oh call back.  Which you never got around to doing.  And what about that other advisor who said she would help you put together a small group lunch to introduce you to some of her team members?  Did you remind your internal to call her?  Nope...that slipped your mind.  Again.

But what if...

What if you had a dedicated team member who kept track of all your biggest clients and top prospects?  What if you told your team, "I'll be in this place on these dates," and they would know exactly who to call and have systems in place to be reminded to follow up?  What if your calendar consistently had three to five meetings every day?

The answer to these questions is a single word: peace.

The peace that comes with knowing you won't have to make excuses when you have your weekly call with your boss.  The peace that comes with the knowledge that you're reaching the right people in every zone.  The peace that comes with a stable job and steady income.

ESA's highly trained W-2 employees can help you achieve peace.  Alongside each of our schedulers is a whole team of professionals who are ready to help you succeed.  Through open and consistent communication with you and your internal, we can help you target and reach the people you want to see, and maximize your time to give you high-quality meetings and efficient travel time. 

Peace.  Isn't it time?

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