Data Security


One of the biggest concerns for those hiring outside help is data integrity. If you are going to share important client data that could contain personally identifiable information, you need to be sure that only those authorized to view the information may do so. The alternative is the tale of lawsuits, lost licenses and closures.

We’ve discussed the problems associated with hiring individual contractors as outside help. When you hire someone who hasn’t been fully vetted, including background checks, you could get way more than you bargained for, including loss of data integrity and breach of PII.

Before hiring anyone for your team, make sure to have background checks done and verify their social security number.

You also need to be aware of where your data is stored. When you’re working in software within your own company, you know you’re covered. But if outside help isn’t granted access database, how do you know the data you are sharing is compliant? Hint: Google documents and Microsoft shared drives do not cut the mustard.

You should consider the use of a private server with FINRA-compliant encryption

The ESA Advantage

When you partner with ESA, you get a fully compliant and trained scheduler on your side. Before an employment offer is extended, ESA does a seven-year criminal background check, verifies social security numbers and checks FINRA records on every single employee. We make sure that our schedulers meet the highest standards before they are able to access sensitive information.

Every so often, our schedulers are given full access to schedule directly from within a company’s own contact relationship management software. In most cases, though, the data available within a company's CRM poses too much of a risk for outside hires to be able to access and they are relegated to only one or two software features, like adding a meeting to a calendar. When that happens, ESA builds each client a custom database that is housed on password-protected remote servers that employ features like SAS Type II encryption. Our servers are also SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified.

Data integrity is paramount. Don’t trust just anyone. Protect it yourself or hire ESA and give yourself some peace of mind.

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