Coverage for the Times Your Scheduler is Out


With the holidays quickly approaching, we are all looking forward to a little time off, winding down the year with family and friends.  And, if you’ve hit the sweet spot, you’ve got a team of people who will look after your accounts while you are out.

But what happens when your support staff wants to take time off? Does everything get put on hold while your internal, assistant and scheduler are all having their down time?

Executive Scheduling Associates’ business model is set up so that you are never without coverage. When your scheduler or virtual assistant takes a vacation, we make sure that your work is taken care of so that there is no lapse in service.

ESA creates standardized databases for all of our clients. Every database is the same, with the same information listed in the same places in every account. That way, if anything happens to your scheduler and she is unable to continue work for you, we know exactly where to find what we need to keep working for you without so much as a bump in the road. Products, rankings, meeting preferences, maps and account-specific instructions are all listed and updated regularly.

All of ESA’s employees are trained to be support schedulers as needed. A support scheduler is authorized to work on an account for which she is not the lead scheduler and schedule on behalf of the client in the lead scheduler’s absence.

Before leaving for vacation, the lead scheduler will contact the support scheduler and go over the account specifically. Team leaders will be involved to ensure that all information is transmitted correctly and that there are no gaps. The three of them will go over call volume, meeting count goals, rotation, zones, sub-zones, and any information that is specific to the client.

When it’s time for your scheduler to take time off, your account will be in the hands of a well-seasoned, specifically trained professional who will ensure that there is no loss of calendar integrity and that your account gets the attention it deserves.

What do you do when your support staff goes on vacation? Share in the comments below.

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