Business Isn't Dead


“It’s been a hard time down there, but she’s still managed to get me great meetings.”

ESA client Larry wasn’t sure how much having a scheduler was going to help his sales during a global pandemic. Zoom meetings and conference calls are great…but would they be a substitute for good ol’ face-to-face meetings? Time would tell.

Fast forward a few months and Larry wondered how he’d ever gotten along before his scheduler, Victoria, came along. While Larry was anticipating a decrease in activity, his summer calendar was packed full of meetings. Three times more than he had expected, in fact. Victoria had estimated getting him 14 meetings in July (traditionally the hardest month to schedule in, even under the best circumstances) but ended up getting him 40 instead.

Larry went on to say, “I just love Victoria. She’s friendly to talk to and my advisors have told me how sweet she in on the phone.”

Business isn’t optimal…but it’s also not dead.

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