Better Business in the Era of Coronavirus


While filled with sadness and uncertainty, the Coronavirus pandemic has also brought some unexpected and much-needed benefits. Our air is cleaner, our water is clearer, and people are coming together to help their neighbors in ways that have touched our hearts.

But did you know that even some aspects of business have made a turn for the better? We aren’t blind to the stock market’s downturn (and upturn, and downturn) or to how the pandemic has been devastating to small businesses, but like we’ve seen with other crises, there is almost always a silver lining to be found.

As the business world transitions from an in-office environment to a work-from-home environment, executives are starting to see the benefits of telecommuting. Instead of worrying about whether their employees are sitting on their couches all day, distracted by daytime television, businesses are finding that their employees can productively work from home when necessary. And that could lead to more telecommuting jobs in the future, increasing the value of workers’ home-work balance.

The business world is also seeing an increase in creativity. This new, different model means finding new ways to connect, both as business associates and as fellow humans. Before the pandemic arrived, much of the world had never even heard of Zoom. Now we are holding Zoom virtual background challenges and online happy hours. We’re using Microsoft features we didn’t know existed – like Teams – and are making use of services like

Even meetings are getting better. Most of us have been trapped in the meeting rut at one time or another…where our days are spent discussing projects rather than actually working on them. While meetings are important and can boost collaboration, everyone has had those moments when they’ve thrown their hands in the air and said, “When am I supposed to get any work done?”

It seems, though, that meetings are becoming more efficient. We’ve gotten away from the “when in doubt, call a meeting” space and have moved into a “let’s only meet when we need to” space. Meetings are becoming shorter and more is getting done.

This crisis isn’t over yet and the hardships and fear are real. But the bright side exists. Be sure to find it and remember that we’re in this together.

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