Battling Drive Times


Your days go by quickly…you no sooner show up at your 8am breakfast than it’s suddenly 3pm and you’re racing back to your office to get some calls made. By the time you sit down and take a breath, you’ve really only got about an hour before you run the real risk of people having already left the office.

So what do you do? You dive right in, of course. Check which days in your rotation need to be filled, look up your clients in those cities and start dialing. Now you’re moving!

Until those hastily scheduled days roll around and you suddenly grind to a screeching halt. Your 9am meeting is in the city center, while your 10:30 appointment is 45 minutes north of downtown (on a good day, with no traffic). Your 12pm lunch is in the next town over and then it’s back to downtown for your 2:30. You started off your day running behind, and you’ll spent the better part of the next eight hours in your car instead of meeting with clients. Your blood pressure is through the roof and the mileage on your car makes you cringe.

There has to be a better way.

The ESA Advantage

When you partner with ESA, your data is mapped out in geographically tight drive zones. In larger cities, those zones are divided into smaller subzones and schedulers are trained to keep your daily appointments within those or adjacent zones, with 30 minutes or less between meetings. Our digital atlases allow for system notes to be added, giving important information about traffic patterns, construction areas and typical drive times. We have a systematic process for indicating which zones and cities are open for each of your scheduling days, meaning that your scheduler can tell exactly where you will be with just a quick glance at the calendar.

This prior planning means that your scheduler isn’t spending time Googling your drive times or looking at maps, trying to determine which office to send you to next. Instead, she can search for your clients by zone or subzone, categorize them by the priorities you’ve given them and start calling -- she can hit the ground running every day.

More calls equal more meetings. More meetings equal more production. It’s an equation that can’t be beat.

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