Are You Surviving or Thriving?




Wake up.

Wake up.

Make coffee.

Make coffee.

Leave for 9a meeting.

Leave for 9a meeting.

Get stuck in traffic.

Get stuck in traffic. Have scheduler call 9a appointment to let them know. What luck! They’re stuck in the same traffic. Scheduler moves meeting to 9:30 and lets your 10:30 know that you will be a few minutes late.

Make it to 9a meeting at 9:20.

Quick 9:30 presentation.

Rush through presentation.

Leave for 10:30 appointment, which has been moved to 10:45 thanks to your scheduler’s help.

Realize your 10:30 meeting is on the other side of town.

No need to speed…you’ve got this.

Drive like Mario Andretti to get to 10:30 meeting.

Hold 10:45 meeting.

Realize you’re not Mario Andretti when you get a ticket.

Leave for lunch meeting, checking your email in the car. There’s a message from your scheduler – lunch location has been moved.

Call 10:30 meeting to let them know you’re running late. They cancel.

Arrive at new restaurant for noon meeting.

Turn back around since your noon lunch is back near your 9a meeting.

Advisor has a great case and needs your product. Winning!

Get to lunch on time. Wait for client until 12:30. Call your internal and realize you hadn’t checked your calendar to see that the location had changed.

Check voice messages before calling your 2p phone meeting. Your scheduler left a message letting you know that the phone number has been updated on your calendar.

Channel your inner Mario again and rush to new lunch location.

Hold your 2p conference call.

Have lunch with client.

See that your scheduler has called again, this time to let you know that the advisor you’re seeing at 3p is out sick and she has rescheduled it for the next time you’re in the area.

Call your 2p phone meeting. Number is disconnected.

Drive back to the office, avoiding highway construction that your scheduler warned you about earlier in the week.

Check your calendar – updated number is there. Call again.

Sit down at your desk. Scheduling for the next two weeks has already been taken care of…work on illustrations, follow ups and expense reports.

Actually make it to 3p meeting on time. Advisor is out sick. Did you not get the voice message they left?

Play with kids. Help with homework.

Check voice messages.

Have dinner with the family.

Head back to the office to make scheduling calls.

Tuck kids in.

You forgot about the highway construction going on. Get stuck in traffic. Again.

Go to bed.

By the time you get to your desk, it’s 4p.

Wake up.

Make six calls. Leave six voice messages.

Have dinner.

Go to bed.

Wake up.

We all have survival days -- those days when it's all you can do to keep your head above water. No matter how much planning you do, Murphy is always lurking around the next corner, waiting to make sure his law is enforced.

But you can minimize your survival days by working with Executive Scheduling Associates. We don't just put meetings on your calendar...we plan your day. It's our business to know all of the details about your territory, your routes, traffic traps and last-minute changes. You'll always know when a lunch location has been updated or when an advisor is out sick. We strive to make sure there are no surprises in your day and keep you informed up to the minute.

A well-organized day means more time for the things you love -- time with your kids, dinner with your family, bedtime stories and some quiet time at the end of the day for a good book or a new TV show.

Don't just survive...thrive by partnering with ESA.

Tell us about a time when you were just surviving, instead of thriving.

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