Another Happy Client


Variable annuity wholesaler Kyle partnered with Executive Scheduling Associates in 2014 to help fill his calendar with meetings covering wire houses and independent advisors. He was assigned to long-time ESA scheduler Jenny and they have happily worked together ever since.

Back in 2017, Kyle sent an email to Heather, Jenny’s manager, singing Jenny’s praises.

“I just wanted to write a quick letter and tell you how grateful I am for Jenny! I guess I don’t realize how great I have it with her. As I have talked with other wholesalers in my company, they talk about how their schedulers can barely get a few appointments for them. I feel a little bit bad when I tell them that Jenny is able to typically get three or more appointments on any given day. I know that a lot of the success that I’ve had in the territory this year is because of her hard work and diligence in setting up appointments. I am not the most organized person and she has been extremely patient with me, and has helped me do the most important thing in this profession: GETTING IN FRONT OF PEOPLE. I just wanted you to know what a great job she’s done for me and I know a couple other wholesalers have become ESA clients because of recommendations from me.”

ESA’s results-based scheduling model means that our clients aren’t just happy from time to time, but are consistently happy with the work that their scheduler is doing.

In another email, Kyle said this about Jenny just a couple of weeks ago:

“[Jenny] is simply amazing at her job as she goes above and beyond!”

What could your calendar look like if you had a highly trained, professional ESA scheduler on your team?

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