Another Happy Client


It doesn’t take long for Executive Scheduling Associates to make an impact on your calendar. Wholesaler Regan partnered with ESA in early August of this year and is already impressed with what her scheduler, Lauren, has done.

“I was just speaking with my boss on what a world of difference ESA is making,” Regan said in a phone call to Lauren’s team leader. Regan also expressed her happiness with Lauren’s professionalism and how she’s been scheduling meetings with the best advisors.

Regan has been selling 401(k) products for four years but has only been in her current territory for about a year-and-a-half. She covers all channels, which means she has to be prepared for anything. By providing Lauren with a list of targeted contacts -- along with being open to brand-new meetings as well -- Regan has been able to cultivate new partnerships while regularly tending to her existing clients.

Lauren is already a crucial part of Regan’s team, even so early in their relationship. ESA is ready to give you the same support and results.

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