Another Happy Client


Mutual fund wholesaler Colleen took over her northeastern US territory in late 2015. She inherited her predecessor’s independent scheduler and was excited to have someone whose sole focus was on keeping her calendar filled with clients and top prospects.

But within six months, Colleen knew it was not going to work out.

“My meetings were totally random,” she says.

Colleen’s scheduler was making calls using data stored on a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. She had no notes or information on who had done business in the past or who was a good candidate for the products. Her scheduler was just calling through the list and, when she got to the end, she just started back over again. There was no strategy to her calls.

Colleen partnered with ESA in April of 2016 and told us, “I am only as good as the clients I meet with.”

Immediately, she noticed a difference in how her ESA scheduler, Michele, communicated.

“We have regularly scheduled strategy calls that keep us on target and, in between, is always ad-hoc communication. Michele always knows what’s going on in my territory.”

Colleen also noted that Michele booked consistently higher quality meetings for her and was pleasantly surprised to find that ESA schedulers keep standardized notes and data in their custom-built databases. From how often she wants to meet with a certain advisor, to notes on their scheduling preferences and even special directions to their offices, the information Michele was keeping was “fresh and immediate.”

Colleen has also seen a difference in her relationships with her clients.

“Michele is so professional, and my clients notice it. They know Michele as a true extension of my team.”

These are the kinds of stories that we love to tell. ESA takes great pride in the quality of service that we provide and we believe that there is nothing more important than your business and success.

Tell us about your experiences with an independent scheduler below.

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