Another Happy Client


In a sales-based business, you can’t put a price on a referral. To have a client refer a colleague to your product or service means that you have not only earned the client’s trust but have also given him a product that he so impressed with, he wants to share his good fortune.

Executive scheduler Danielle has been with ESA since March of 2018 and has made quite a splash in only a few months. Danielle originally took on three clients, knowing she would eventually add a few more. She hit it off with all of them, but really knocked it out of the park when she started scheduling for wholesaler Bryan. In May, Bryan sent this email to Danielle and her team leader, "You are getting me some quality leads/appointments. Thanks for the help!"

Danielle’s fourth client came sooner than she expected, though, when Bryan’s internal wholesaler, Rich, was promoted and given his own territory. Without hesitation, Rich reached out to ESA and requested that Danielle be his scheduler, as well.

Barely two weeks into her service with Rich, Danielle received an email from him saying, “Danielle, you’ve been doing a great job filling my calendar with quality leads! I am so happy I have you on board, you’re making my difficult job a little bit easier. Thanks again, Rich.”

The success didn’t end there, either. Just this week, Danielle sent an email to Rich and his internal, Andrew, letting them know about a financial advisor who would like to meet with them for the first time. Andrew responded, “I have been trying to get a meeting with him for years! Well done!” while Rich followed up with, “Wow, you’re amazing Danielle, that’s great news. Good work!”

ESA takes great pride in the work we do. Our schedulers are trained to give customized, personal service to every client, ensuring quality every step of the way. We are honored when our clients refer us to their co-workers.

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