Another Happy Client


Hiring a scheduler can be nerve-wracking. When you’re a salesperson, your calendar is not only your career, but it’s also your mortgage, your car payment, your 401(k), your kids’ 529 plans, your IRA, and more. It’s hard to give up control to something that is inextricably linked to your success in life.

That’s how wholesaler Doug felt when he decided to partner with ESA. He knew he needed a scheduler, as he just couldn’t get everything done in a day…but he wasn’t sure he wanted a scheduler. He didn’t think he could give up that kind of control.

The need outweighed the want, though, and Doug was soon an ESA client. Six weeks into his partnership with us, he had this to say about his scheduler, Charlene.

"Charlene has gone and blown away any expectations I may have had about hiring a scheduler. She is incredibly professional with my clients and prospects and very thorough. I have also been impressed at her resilience in the face of rejection." He also said, "I really enjoy working with her." 

When you’re ready to take the dive, we promise to make sure your calendar is filled with as much care and precision as Doug’s is.

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