Another Happy Client


We always love to hear good feedback from our clients, but it’s a really special day when a client reaches out to tell one of our team leaders about his exceptional Executive Scheduling Associates scheduler and proceeds to highlight all our service solution points.

Our clients’ days are packed and it’s easy to get off track and forget to reach out to team members when there are fires to be put out left and right.

Internal wholesaler, Levi, said this about his ESA scheduler, Beth: “Beth is not afraid to call me out when I am lacking on my communication (I value this)."

Client Relations
Levi told us that, “Beth is very professional with our top relationships,” saying that she handles client care with professionalism and efficiency.

Levi also talked about how impressed he was with Beth’s ability to help him move from one territory to another.

“Beth was able to adjust on the fly and help out when we had a change in the territory earlier this year (This was paramount in the transition).”

Data Refinement
Finally, our client expressed his appreciation for his scheduler’s ability to get rid of unwanted data and hone in on the correct contact information.

“Beth is resourceful with non-optimal list with inaccurate data. She is able to help clean up our database quickly and efficiently.”

ESA is proud to train the best and the brightest in the business because it leads to happy, successful clients.

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