Another Happy Client


The best part of our job is hearing how we’ve turned a client’s calendar around or that we’ve out-performed a competitor.

Don has been wholesaling in his territory for 12 years, three years with his current company. He says he knows 90% of the people he calls on and instructed his scheduler, Claire, to focus on a specific 400 names. He calls mainly on wire houses, which means that emails are key. He and Claire worked out a system to maximize their email visibility while following up with phone calls and confirmations.

After working with Claire for only four months, Don told Claire’s team leader that Claire is a nine (because “no one is a 10!”) and that previous schedulers from other firms ranked only a two or a three. He went on to say that he will be recommending ESA to others and that he’d like Claire to schedule for wholesalers within his own company.

When asked if he feels like he is kept up to date on the status of special requests, he responded, “Yes! We communicate very well together.” He mentioned that Claire is always giving him updates on his requests and that he doesn’t have to worry about the details because they are always taken care of.

Don’s story is just another example of ESA’s commitment to client service. Your business is unique and it is our promise that we will do whatever needs to be done to make sure your account is a success.

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