Adventures in Scheduling


Once you work with someone for a few years, there’s a good chance you’ll become friends with them. We see it all the time with wholesalers and advisors. Salesperson and client connect, realize they have interests in common and start hanging out. Before long, they are friends.

It’s always a treat to call on these advisors. There’s usually fun banter as inside jokes are exchanged.

Executive Scheduler Courtney had a great email exchange recently.  Apparently, her client, whose golf game leaves something to be desired, has some unfinished business with the advisor Courtney was reaching out to.

“Tell ol’ Shankappotomus he has 10 min of my time that morning. The earlier the better since I’ll have an extremely busy day and have a 1030 meeting. We’ll need to discuss his golf game.”

Tell us about your favorite client conversations in the comments below.

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