Achieving Peace of Mind


Have you ever stopped to think what peace of mind really means to you? Of course, safety and security for your family is high on your list. Certainly knowing that those you love will be taken care of in the event of tragedy is important to you. Protecting your assets, knowing you planned for every possible situation is probably on there too.

These are all important, big picture steps toward peace of mind. But what about your daily peace of mind? How much emphasis have you put into being able to wake up and know that you’re prepared for the day ahead?

The truth is, it’s easy to overlook the day-to-day stresses in lieu of focusing on bigger, potentially catastrophic scenarios. But that doesn’t make those every day problems any less important.

The ability to start your day, week or month knowing that you have planned for almost any situation can be a valuable part of your work-life balance and, according to this Time magazine article, may even lead to a healthier you. Consider employing these ideas to get your daily life in order and create peace of mind for yourself. 

Plan your rotation as far in advance as possible. You don’t have to book the flights, hotel or rental car eight months in advance, but knowing that you’re going to be in XYZ city on a certain date will allow you to not have to keep asking yourself, “When am I going to get to XYZ for that meeting I promised Joe Advisor?” It will also allow you to let clients know, in advance, when you’ll be in to see them next. Sort of a “save the date” for professionals.

Drive Times
There’s nothing worse than looking at a map and seeing that you’re going to be crisscrossing a city or region all day long.  Time in your car is necessary, but excessive time quickly becomes counter-productive.

When you’re laying out your rotation, make sure that you are considering large cities or areas and plan to give them the attention they deserve. Spend one day on the south end of the city and another day on the north end. Or book meetings in areas that are adjacent to one another so that you’re not trekking from town to town, wasting time and money.

Data Maintenance
You’re only as good as your data and that means that out-of-date or incomplete information could be slowing you down. When you run across a change in your data – an advisor has left an office, an office has moved, a new employee has been added – make that change immediately. Don’t wait and say, “I’ll do it later,” because, chances are, you won’t. Keep your data updated and ready by being proactive with data changes.

The ESA Advantage
Executive Scheduling Associates is here to bring you peace of mind. We can help you plan your rotation for the quarter – or even further out, making sure that you’re hitting your biggest clients and prospects regularly. And when the time comes, we’ll schedule those meetings for you, using the data you provide to let us know which meetings are your priorities.

Your scheduler will take note of your drive times and keep your between-meetings drive to 30 minutes or less, giving you more time with your clients and less time with your GPS.

Finally, ESA updates your data as we go along, meaning that it’s always accurate and ready for the next call. We document everything, including data changes, so there’s never any question about why we did something.

Partnering with ESA brings you the peace of mind that can only come with expert planning. Aren’t you ready to wake up every morning, knowing that your day is fully planned and efficiently laid out? And that the rest of your days to come will be too?

Tell us about achieving peace of mind in your world in the comments below.

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