3 Cs to Scheduling Success

Stick to the 3 Cs of Scheduling for sales success!

#1: Communication -- We've found that our clients who communicate reguarly with their schedulers get the best results. It doesn't matter whether it's a weekly scheduled call, a call between appointments, or emails throughout the day...as long as there is communication.

#2: Calendar -- Our schedulers work best with a 90-day rotation in place. This allows us to offer alternate dates when calling prospects and increases our odds of booking the meeting. ESA operates with the philosophy of "It's not if they're going to meet, but when."

#3: No Crisis Scheduling -- In the past decade we've found that scheduling for the current week isn't as effective as scheduling two-to-three weeks out. If a client has a last-minute cancellation, the scheduler will ask for a few key names to fill in the spot, but then will move on. Staying on track means not losing momentum.

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