(20)18 Reasons to Use ESA

1. More Sales

When you've got someone who is dedicated to spending at least an hour each day filling your calendar with your best clients and hottest prospects, you can't help but see an increase in sales. Isn't that the point, after all?

2. Accountability

From our proprietary internal reporting tool to call volume and meeting count standards, our schedulers are trained to be transparent in all they do, resulting in better quality meetings and more efficient days for our clients.

3. Territory Management
ESA's standard services include custom mapping and territory refinement, creating efficient zones that keep you out of the car and in your clients' offices. We strive to keep your time between appointments to 30 minutes or less.

4. Professionalism
Our schedulers are go through specialized training, including job shadowing and role playing, before they ever make phone calls on your behalf. We make sure they are prepared to talk on your clients' levels and we strive to make our integration into your team seamless.

5. Less Stress
What would your day look like if you didn't have to worry about setting appointments, doing follow-ups or confirming meetings? What would life be like if all you had to do was sell? ESA takes your most time-consuming activity off your plate, so you can focus on reaching your goals and getting home to what matters most.

6. You Hate Scheduling
You love what you do, but scheduling is time-consuming, especially when you have so many other things that need your attention.  Let your ESA scheduler handle your phone calls and follow-ups so you can get on with your day.

7. Better Focus

Wouldn't it be great if sales were just sales? Imagine how much bigger your book of business would be if you could focus on cultivating client relationships, giving them the time and attention they deserve.

Unfortunately, there's so much more that goes into sales...there are dozens of moving parts that are vital to a successful cycle.  Scheduling meetings, doing follow-ups, sending correspondence, rescheduling appointments, ranking clients, managing your territory and planning events.

With an ESA scheduler, you can outsource any number of time-consuming tasks that keep you from the heart of your business. Let us sort your clients, make your calls, send your thank yous, organize your lunch-and-learns and keep your between-meeting travel times to 30 minutes or less.

Don't waste another day doing things that hinder your growth.

8. Data Refinement
You're only as good as your data. What good are your contacts and notes if they aren't current?

ESA's service model includes ongoing updates to your database. Our schedulers confirm contact information with every call and update your records as they call through your lists, ensuring that you always have the correct phone number, address and client status. We can even compile reports for you so that you are always aware of the changes we've made.

Additionally, we can scrub lists, add new groups of contacts or mark others who are no longer in your territory. Using your ranking system, we update your priority call lists quarterly, so you can be confident that we are reaching out to those who are most important to you.

With ESA, your data is always current and ready for business.

9. Event Planning

Group breakfasts, office lunches, coffee carts, seminars...events are vital to your business. But planning them is so time consuming. From finding a venue, to planning a menu, sending invites and tallying RSVPs, you can easily spend hours a day just hammering out the details.

ESA is happy to plan your events for you. We'll plan the big stuff and handle the details - equipment needs, dietary restrictions, parking, budgeting and even follow up. You name the date and time: we'll take care of the rest.

10. Saves Time
We live, work and play in a minute-by-minute world -- time is one of our greatest assets. But, like most assets, time is limited. There are only so many minutes in a work day, so many hours in a week. Often, it's just not enough to get everything done.

But what would your day look like if you could eliminate things like scheduling, follow-ups and correspondence? How would your week pan out if someone was always making sure that youre appointments are geographically close to one another so that you are spending fewer hours in your car? What would your life be like if all you had to do was sell?

ESA saves you time -- time that you can put back into your clients, time that you can put back into your family, time that you can spend doing what you love.

11. More Meetings
ESA executive schedulers are trained to call only those clients who you request to see. We offer at least two meeting dates and if we reach a voicemail or receptionist, we always send a follow-up email. We note our conversations and actions for every call we make and we update data as we go, ensuring that we've always got correct contact information for everyone in your database.

Our efficient, standardized process allows us to amke 15-20 calls per hour and book 50-100* meetings per month.

*Based on average client need

12. Secure Data
What happens to your client data when you hire someone to help you out? Consultants, schedulers, assistants may have access to everything that makes your book of business yours. If that information falls into the wrong hands, it could pose a huge risk to you and your company.

ESA schedulers and virtual assistants are W-2 employees who have been background and credit checked. Our employees access password-protected client databases that are housed on remote servers that are in-line with industry standards like SAS Type II encryption and are SOC 2 and SOC 3 certified.

With ESA, you can relax knowing that your important information will be handled with integrity and will always be industry compliant.

13. Administrative Tasks
ESA doesn't just schedule -- we also offer a full array of administrative services. Let us plan your travel, file your expense reports and send your thank you notes. We can keep track of your follow-ups and manage your daily task list, so you are always on top of your work. Just tell us what you need and we will design a plan that works for you.

14. Consistent Follow-Ups
Gone are the days of trying to remember to follow up with every meeting and phone call. With an ESA scheduler, all you have to do is send an email or give us a call and let us know who needs a follow up when.

Do you use Dial-a-Note or other voice-to-text reporting? Forward your reports to your scheduler. She'll put all of your to-dos on her calendar and schedule your follow-up meetings when you want them.

15. Efficent Drive Times

There's nothing more frustrating than making a long drive clear across town for one meeting, only to have to trek all the way back to where you started for your next meeting. Half of your day has been eating up by drive times!

When you partner with ESA, we map out your territory and create efficient zones before we ever make our first phone call. Our schedulers are trained to book your meetings in close proximity to one another, using these zones as a tool to quickly identify where you will be and who you need to see in that area. Our goal is to keep your between-meeting drive times to 30 minutes or less, resulting in more meetings and fewer frustrations.

16. Better Organization
You have so much on your plate and disorganization is not an option. But even the best-laid plans can be foiled by an extra-long meeting or an unexpected request. It's easy to be thrown off course and get behind on all of your tasks.

With ESA on your side, you can always be on top of your list. Let us make your calls, plan your rotation, book your travel, write your correspondence, plan your events and make your follow-ups.

And the to-dos that only you can take care of? Let us know and we'll make sure to remind you of what you need to do, when you need to do it.

17. More Income
Like sales, scheduling is a numbers game. A few simple calculations are all you need to see that partnering with ESA will lead to more income.

1 hour of daily, dedicated scheduling x 5 days per week = 5 hours of weekly, dedicated phone calls
5 hours of weekly, dedicated phone calls x 3-5 meetings booked per hour = 15-25 meetings booked per week
15-25 meetings booked per week = 60-100 meetings booked per month

The time you would normally spend calling clients and prospects is better spent in their offices. Let ESA take care of the calls and admin work and watch your business soar.

18. Peace of Mind
ESA can provide a lot of things - better organization, more sales, tight security, increased meetings, bigger income and more. But in the end, ESA provides peace of mind. There's a certain tranquility that comes with knowing that your calendar is full, your clients are happy and your days are planned with efficiency.

So if you're ready to breathe a little deeper and sleep a little more peacefully, give us a call.

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