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Navigating the Business Storms of Crisis

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Episode #4 - Steady As She Goes

May 26, 2020

She leads an all-female sales team that is succeeding despite current economic conditions. Here are the three strategies Karen and her group are using to chart a course through the storm. Join CEO Mitch Santala for the next Executive Scheduling Associates podcast – Steady As She Goes.

Episode 4 Steady as She Goes Episode 4 Steady as She Goes (20013 KB)

Episode 4 Transcript Episode 4 Transcript (163 KB)

ESA Podcast Episode

Episode #3 - The Power of Presence

May 11, 2020

Join us for episode three of the Executive Scheduling Associates series Navigating the Business Storms of Crisis. A financial wholesaler reveals a professional leadership principle more effective than veteran experience, a degree, or a winsome personality. And we offer a word or two on sustaining professional passion during a crisis. As a bonus feature, we decode why chickens sometimes lay eggs on air conditioner units. You can’t find stuff this good on Google.

Episode 3 The Power of Presence Episode 3 The Power of Presence (24615 KB)

Episode 3 Transcript Episode 3 Transcript (167 KB)

ESA Podcast Episode

Episode #2 - Crisis Creates Clarity

May 4, 2020

In episode two of our series Navigating the Business Storms of a Crisis, you will hear a financial wholesaler use a surprising term to describe a crisis – “refreshing.” We will discuss the way a painful business period can bring fresh clarity to life and work, and an alternative approach to clearheadedness that requires neither pain nor an emergency.

Episode 2 Crisis Creates Clarity Episode 2 Crisis Creates Clarity (19974 KB)

Episode 2 Transcript Episode 2 Transcript (142 KB)

ESA Podcast Episode

Episode #1 - Some Change Can be Good

April 27, 2020

Introducing a new podcast offering best practices heard within our industry, financial services, and elsewhere across the business community. ESA Chief Executive Officer Mitch Santala passes along insights gathered from business leaders who are surviving and, in some cases, thriving during this unusual period. During this first podcast, Mitch and a veteran financial wholesaler talk about managing the upheaval impacting both business and family life, discovering the upside of some changes, the “15-minute Principle,” and approaching an emergency as a team activity.

Episode 1 Some Change Can be Good Episode 1 Some Change Can be Good (21005 KB)

Episode 1 Transcript Episode 1 Transcript (142 KB)

Get to Know Our Contributors

  • Mitch Santala is the president and chief executive officer of Executive Scheduling Associates. Started in January 2007, ESA employs a national workforce of 140 providing scheduling services to approximately 500 North American financial industry professionals. He also serves as a volunteer pastor. When not working, Mitch enjoys spending time with his wife of 27 years, his four children, and his daughter-in-law.
  • Gil Moegerle is a member of ESA’s communications team. He has worked for 50 years in various aspects of the communications field, including radio/TV production, advertising agency services, marketing communications, and corporate public relations.
  • Keri began her career in professional scheduling services in 1994. She founded Executive Scheduling Associates with Mitch Santala in 2007, becoming the company’s chief operating officer. With Mitch, Keri manages relationships with corporate clients and oversees the work of 140 schedulers. Her areas of expertise include sales support, best practices, and corporate relations. Keri lives in Central Florida with her husband and three adult children nearby.
  • Erin has been with Executive Scheduling Associates since 2013, joining the company as a scheduler. She was subsequently appointed director of communications with responsibility for managing ESA’s outbound messaging to prospective clients as well as internal communications channels. In addition, Erin continues to support wholesalers through content, engagement, and special projects. Erin, her husband Todd, and their three kids live in San Antonio, TX.