Solutions for Financial Advisors

The Strategic Advantage for Financial Advisors and Their Long-Term Business

ESA Builds a Strategic Advantage

Strategic scheduling is a critical part of your marketing campaign as a financial advisor. ESA secures the long-term value of your business by proactively scheduling annual financial reviews with your current book of clients. Our services give financial advisors a strategic advantage, improving overall client satisfaction and long-term client retention.

ESA Maximizes Your Long-term Marketing Budget

A cost-effective scheduling solution is essential for effective, long-term productivity. ESA maximizes your valuable, long-term marketing budget by helping you turn clients into loyal partners. Our services cost far less than hiring, training and maintaining an in-house scheduler. You can employ ESA’s preferred scheduling services for a fraction of the cost of competing agencies, saving you valuable money while securing superior service.

ESA Gives You More "Face" Time With Your Clients

You are a financial advisor – not a scheduler. Your time is best spent in front of your clients managing their financial needs. ESA supports you by making your scheduling calls for you, giving you more “face” time with your clients.

ESA Helps Turn Prospects Into Clients

Intentional prospecting is a vital component to building new business. While ESA is not a telemarketing firm that generates cold calls, we will work with you in generating warm calls from prospect lists that have an established, tangible point of reference. We support you as a financial advisor by generating strategic follow-up calls from your event lists, seminar lists, and mailing lists. We help you turn warm leads into long-term clients.

ESA Gives the Leading Edge

The leading edge can be the difference between winning and losing. ESA gives the financial advisor a clear leading edge compared to their counterparts and competitors. Our services increase winning performance, a necessary talent of anyone looking to succeed in the financial industry. With ESA, you are assured that the nation’s leading scheduling firm is on your side.

What We Offer

  • Scheduling
  • Annual Financial Reviews
  • Improved Client Retention
  • Strategic Prospecting
  • Increased Activity
  • Data Refinement
  • Real-Time Web Calendar
  • Outlook / Calendar Integration

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